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Make money selling Kool-Mix!
We have and it's time you did too!

We serve REAL FRUIT mixes at prices that can't be beat!
- which means, you make more profit per drink!!!

Your customers return for more and more!
- because you serve Kool-Mix!

You serve the same quality drink consistently!
- no matter who mixes the drink!

Sell Kool-Mix and you have an income-churner on your hands.
Don't just take our word for it - ask those who are selling it!
See Kool-Mix@work :) 

Whether you have a coffeeshop, restaurant or a kiosk (you can rent one from us) or 2 sq.m. in a shopping mall, make Kool-Mix your cool partner!

Imagine selling frozen beverages (cocktails included) that cost you only 10-15 Baht per glass! Drinks like that all go for more than 60 baht at most places and if it has alcohol as in a "frozen margarita", well ... you can do the math ;)
Frozen beverages are proven bestsellers the world over! Add these FROZEN drinks to your menu and you will increase your sales ... Add Kool-Mix Real Fruit Frozen drinks and you will have customers begging for more!

 And here's how simple it really is >


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